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I ordered the watch, first they took my credit card info and then they said they can not take credit card and requested money order, when I received the product, it was not what I ordered, after calling them, they gave me run a round and now they will not respond to any of my emails or telephone calls!Just remember, these people have been doing this scam for many years and they are so convencing! Do not fall for it.

At this point, I am looking for their physical address and I am getting very close to locate them! I will post the address soon, after I get done with them first!

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"Reproduccion Global" owns about 1 other domains View these domains >

is a contact on the whois record of 41 domains

is a contact on the whois record of 2 domains

1 registrar has maintained records for this domain since 2003-10-10

This domain has changed name servers 28 times over 6 years.

Hosted on 27 IP addresses over 5 years.

View 628 ownership records archived since 2004-05-12 .

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Reproduccion Global

Frank White

7690 Amsterdan

new york, ny 10158


Phone: +1.9173697429


Registrar Name....:

Registrar Whois...:

Registrar Homepage:

Domain Name:

Created on..............: 2003-10-10

Expires on..............: 2014-10-10

Administrative Contact:

Reproduccion Global

Jenny Bays

65 Wandering Drive Second Floor

New York, NY 10015

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I just filed a complaint today(8-27-09)against these clowns. I backtracked my package and it was shipped from First China Express, 138 Lafayette St.,NY,NY.10013.

I called them and they answered to Global Replica....

See my complaint"Ripped off by Global"

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