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During the holiday season, this group of crooks have literally scammed hundreds of people, thinking they were getting a watch that was grade A swiss, only to either get a chinese junk watch or worse, nothing at all. It took some work getting someone in the New York attorney general's office to listen but, they are finally investigating both Global Replica and Replicas2you.

I would give these crooks a couple more weeks before they are caught and locked up. Should you have been ripped off by these brazen lowlife *** crooks, you may be asked to testify against them. I suggest you contact Mr.

Cuomo's office personally (NY attorney general) and make sure you provide the details they are looking for to make their investigation go smoother. I am sure they have ripped off hundreds if not thousands of people.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Did anyone get their $ back from these crooks,.?


could I have Adam Rozen's new telephone number and address in new Jersey


These reviews have been very helpful. I was considering making a watch purchase until I read the reviews.




i got phone records, adress of owner everything you guys need just contact me


I have Adam Rozen's new phone # and address in NJ if anyone wants it, let me know


Are there any trusted websites that sell highest quality Swiss replicas?


i just ordered from central watch.....i guess i wont be picking up the packages......


Hi, guys, I paid $750 dollars for the same cheap $20 watch, I dont know who to contact, I try to find the Cuomo's office but no lucky.

I cant find any info (like who owns the company) either.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you

to Kelly #743647

You deserve to get screwed, buying fake garbage.


I was also ripped off by these dirtbags ! i would love to get them in a room alone just for 1 min ! Does anyone have information on how to be part of the lawsuit ?


Let me know if you find out any more information regarding please. I too am doing research on them...


Just talked to Linda A. Lacewell from the NYAG office (she's the Chief Counsel for Economic and Social Justice at Cuomo's office).

I will know more Monday, but for now these scumbags at First China Express/ are in possession of my $900 cashier's check.

Thecrusher, do you want to compare notes on these guys? I have quite a bit of research already...

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