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As with numerous other writers, I was ripped off by Global Replicas. They do bait and switch tactics.

They do not really sell any Swiss quality products. They say Italian at one price and better Swiss at a higher price; neither is true! The products are obviously Asian in origin. They do not mail the product you ordered; they switch to something else that can be purchased on other sites for 1/3 the price.

They switch you from credit card pay to COD so there is no tracing. They have no warranties because you cannot contact them once you have received delivery, either by phone or e-mail.

You are completely cut off and have no place to turn. Never, never even consider Global Replicas for any purchase!

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@@ Replica007. Is a (FAKE) @@ (DON'T) do any business with this site. @@ Buyers @@ Beware @@ ! I made a small $50 purchase, just to test them. And never recieved it.

- wouldn't respond to e-mails once transaction was made.

- or calls.


I ordered some items from Replica007 and they didn't send me nothing. please don't do businness whith them


With so many continued complaints about Global Replica is there any way these can be "bundeled up" and provided to the New York State Atty General? If FedEx is the C.O.D. carrier in all these transactions, can FedEx be advised to stop particpating in a criminal practice of fraud?

I am not an attorney and do not know if there are any legal actions available to us. This phony outfit, run by known criminals, continues to operate outside the law so they must have some way they avoid prosecution. Can pissedconsumer provide any help with resources on this matter? I am willing to submit my name with my complaint if there is an organized method to get back at these criminals.

Shout out if you know what to do.


We just joined the crowd. We ordered 2 items receivedm 1 whichn was a piece of junk and the second item never arrived. Trust me I am pursuing this matter.


yes this side global replica is a rip off i order 2 swiss watches now in oct paid 950.00 & they did not send me what i order they are scam,lier the worse i am so *** of you call the # on they web side & they hang up on you on the phone them ones they know your phone # they put always the recording . please dont do bussiness with them , now i got the 2 watches is not what i order & stuck with them. if i know this before, global replica web side looks like legited but is big time scams


I was looking some watches to buy there, or in any website, but all companies that make replicas of Swiss watches, are so fraudulent...I read so many stories about theses companies...

thanks to post!


les envie dinero por western union hace 20 dias y no he recibido nada les llame mas de 50 veces son unos *** sin verguenza


I know now I just got burned out of $950.00. Listen to yourself it did not feel right when I ordered it ,paid for it,and excepted it. I feel so ***


thanks a million for posting these kinds of feedback. It helps many people like me to avoid buying from these kind of company.

Thanks again. I almost bought one last week but really very skeptic.

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