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. Written by how to find the thieves, on 15-01-2010 18:58

i just placed an order with them last night for a daytona d112, after entering all my credit card info. i then received an email stating it would not be delivered without a confirmation call to 1-347-967-6882. today i had received a call from lauren at 1-212-203-1377 when i called i spoke to a freak by the name of doug. which i then explained to him that the telephone number i received on the email for some reason was no longer valid. he acted very surprised, and even called it himself to confirm. i told him that the watch i ordered was incorrect and gave him the correct number. that is when he had advised me that due to such a busy holiday season they had a problem with excepting credit cards. i then asked him if he was the owner and he stated no the owner was out driving in his porche. i then explained to him about the security i feel with using a charge card, and have never used cashiers checks/ups. this sounded a little fishy. i then asked him to verify the info for the watch. which the advertising is very misleading italian/swiss stuff. then he advised me if i have any reservation think about it over the weekend and they will call on monday. i then had one more question for him and then the phone connection ended. either he hung up on me or my provider was looking out for me. either way i decided to call him back and then received a machine. at that time is when i felt real concern. that is when i went online and then found numerous complaint's. and know just got off the phone with my charge card co. and cancelled my card just for added protection. I hope these 2 telephone numbers can help someone from being scammed. i went on and this telephone number 1-212-203-1377 along with the other number it is in flushing NY. if you agree to spend $1 they will give name and address.

thank you jay arsenault Florida

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Are you serious? You are ordering counterfeit merchandise and expecting to do legitimate business?

You know selling counterfit merchandise is a felony? So, right off the bat I wouldn't trust them.

No suprise that a "criminal" would try to rip you off. Caveat Emptor.

to ChiJon Brampton, Ontario, Canada #743646

YES you are right, to tell this bozo, buying a fake watch and complaining. He helped the crooks, and deserve what came to him. good.

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