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I renewed my calling efforts Tuesday after taking a month off. I noticed their website had a new number on it. Surprisingly enough somebody answered the phone.

I explained the situation. I bought a watch in December, there was a film under the crystal, then the entire stem came out, blah, blah, blah. I've told them this story 1000 times. It doesn't matter and they don't care.

The guy on the phone "Luke" told me that they would send me a replacement, and I would only have to give them $380. Then when I send my broken watch back they'll send me a refund check for the $380.


Giving these fools money in the first place got me into this position. They must really think I'm ***.

My response was..."sure, can I put that on a credit card." "Luke" had to find out about that and put me on hold. When he got back on the phone wouldn't you know it..........they weren't able to except credit cards at this time, their system was down. He then wanted to know if I wanted him to send it out still. Fat chance, fooled me know the rest.

When I started getting angry I was hung up on. I promptly called back, and to my utter disbelief somebody answered the phone again. Typically when I'm hung up on it takes a week to reach anyone again.

This time "Lewis" the manager answered the phone. After again explaining my problem he assured me he would handle it if I called him back tomorrow.

So today when I called back he was on the other line of course. Surprisingly the person I was talking to sounded just guessed it "Lewis". He informed me to call back in 20 minutes and "Lewis" could help me then, he just answered the phones.

Of course when I called back nobody answered. I guess I'll just go thru this everyday and update this site until something happens.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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